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MaDPaC Babies

For Mummies and Daddies
Parents and Child

Design Direction, Art Direction,  Identity Design, Brand Development, Product Development, Print Collateral,  Illustration, Packaging Design, Artwork.

Creating a fresh and exciting lifestyle brand for a highly passionate start-up.


A small online retailer specialising in baby products, particularly their own brand of baby nursing accessories, sought to redefine their brand to increase consumer awareness. While in the developmental stages of producing and selling baby nappy change bags, they encountered challenges in finding direction and gaining traction in a highly competitive market.

In response to an analysis of their competitors, which revealed a trend towards homogenised pastel shades and a consumer demand for something different, MaDPaC underwent a rebranding effort. The brand was transformed into a bold and vibrant alternative baby product retailer, personifying a lively 'counterculture' identity to stand out and solidify its position as a distinctive player in the market.

MaDPaC Labels & Tags

In addition to rebranding, we also focused on enhancing the details of their products. Labels and tags, often overlooked, contribute to creating a cohesive brand image across all products, helping consumers recognise and connect with the brand easily. Well-designed labels and tags signify the brand's commitment to quality and attention to detail, instilling confidence in consumer about the product's authenticity, thereby fostering that all important emotional connection.

MaDPaC Change Bags

A new centre piece bag was designed to integrate the new identity and become a standout choice for those customers seeking something practical yet stylish and distinctive.

MaDPaC Change Bags

A new centre piece bag was designed to integrate the new identity and become a standout choice for those customers seeking something practical yet stylish and distinctive.

To expand MaDPaC's market reach, the decision was made to shift the focus from small-scale bag production to a more diversified product range. As part of this transition, we explored new opportunities making sure any new products reflected MaDPaC's new 'counterculture' identity. The aim was to showcase MaDPaC’s unique positioning and attract interest from major high street chains.

Originally named Madpac due to its quirky change bag line, the brand's name didn't align with the introduction of new products. Renaming the company wasn't an option, so I suggested introducing a backronym for MaDPaC: 'For Mummy and Daddy, Parents and Child,' to broaden the brand's focus beyond its initial emphasis on change bags and to better reflect its expanded product range.

New Born

Identifying a gap in the market, by incorporating MaDPaC’s signature vibrant colours, with contemporary patterns and illustrations into the design of muslin squares, we aimed to draw attention to the brand and provide an eye-catching aesthetic and refreshing alternative. This approach not only perfectly aligned with the company's revised identity but also captured the original brand concept.

I developed and illustrated a series of characters for MaDPaC's new range of accessories and clothing, known as 'MaDPaC Buddies.' Each of the nine characters was created to embody its own distinct personality, with the goal of resonating with customers and encouraging a sense of connection and identification to drive purchases. This resulted in a collection of vibrant, multi-coloured children's t-shirts featuring the playful characters.

Moral Fabric

The Aesop muslin collection was introduced to the MaDPaC range to celebrate iconic tales such as the Tortoise and the Hare, the Lion and the Mouse, and the Fox and the Stork.

Aligned with the new branding, I created a contemporary illustrative style for the character pattern designs, as well as designing distinctive packaging to ensure they stood out in stores

These low cost, high-return products were strategically marketed through social media and MaDPaC's existing online platform as an alternative to the often bland products that were already available, with the hope of attracting the attention of major chain buyers.

This strategy proved successful when MaDPaC was approached with interest from a buyer at Mothercare.

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