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Designs for new merchandise were produced....

Tourist Attraction

It had been discovered through research that the Museum was being overlooked by tourists due to its location in the corner of Covent Garden. Consequently, the Museum recognised the need to enhance its visibility and attract visitors' attention. The proposed solution was to erect a sculpture of the iconic London Transport Logo outside the Museum, serving as a landmark and photo opportunity. This strategic initiative aimed to increase the museum's visibility and appeal, there by ensuring that it wasn't missed by any passing tourists trade.

London Transport Museum

The home of London Transport

Design,  Key Art Development, Illustration, Artwork.

As a part of the London Transport Museum's rebranding and refurbishment initiative, I was commissioned to transform six of London Transport's most iconic symbols into 3D isometric illustrations.  It was essential that each illustration incorporated its original symbol in a manner that ensured they remained easily recognisable. Then as part of the proposal the illustrations were integrated across the museum's refreshed merchandise lineup.

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