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Grow Together

Growing Plants,
People and Places

Design Direction, Brand Refresh, Identity Design, Brand Development,  Motion Design, Guidelines, Print Collateral,  Illustration,  Artwork.

Grow Together Bucks is a Community Interest Company (CIC) dedicated to supporting those in need. They promote sustainability, empower individuals, and strive to ensure a greener, healthier future.


Their projects include a community allotment in High Wycombe, which focuses on an environmentally conscious no-dig policy for growing produce. Aligned with the UK Government's 5 Ways to Wellbeing initiative, they connect within their volunteer community offering support and guidance.


Their award-winning program teaches gardening skills and environmental awareness in schools. They also facilitate opportunities and activities for businesses seeking support with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments.Their mission is to enrich lives and foster a sustainable community.

Whilst maintaining a strong connection with its community gardeners, Grow Together needed to redesign its visual identity with the intention of enhancing brand awareness and stimulating new business through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) schemes and educational programs. Crucially, they also sought to attract and secure new sponsorship to finance new ventures and expand their reach.

Growing plants,
people and places

We first looked at the iconography and what it needed to project.

The opening bud design symbolises growth and renewal, while its softened contours evoke a sense of caring friendliness. Togetherness is depicted in the intersection of the bud’s leaves, symbolising collaboration and unity.

Spring-like tones in the contemporary colour palette evoke an optimistic feel and accentuate the overlapping leaf shapes, whilst visually filling them with light.

The new primary typeface, Lehmann, complements the 'bud' marque with its organic letterforms, reinforcing the theme of growth.

Collectively, the design's clean look, precise circular construction and its organic letterforms project an air of expertise and credibility. It presents an organisation committed to ecological issues, conveying warmth, approachability, with core values centred on championing wellbeing and supporting those in need.


As part of the refresh, I introduced  a new primary typeface to the brand toolkit, Lehmann.

Lehmann, published by Para type and designed by Tagir Safayev was chosen specifically for its organic appearance. This is an expressive display font with tendril like serifs that are reminiscent of growing vegetation and was chosen to to re-emphasise Grow Togethers connection with growth.

Paired with Lehmann for supporting typography was Signika Negative.

Designed by Anna Giedryś, Signika Negative was chosen to compliment the wordmark and work to amplify the organic feel with its soft letterforms. The typeface is very clean and legible and has unique characters so is perfect for conveying information as body text. However, this does not mean that it has less personality. The rounded terminals and playfully added serifs give it a friendly touch that compliments Lehmann perfectly.

Both these fonts were licence free an important consideration for a charity organisation

Leveraging the bud icon, a collection of patterns were created, suitable for use across diverse marketing materials as backgrounds or decorative elements. The intension to enhance brand recognition and strengthen engagement with the Grow Together community.

I created a versatile range of organic illustrations to complement the logo, suitable for standalone use or combined to create larger landscapes. The intentionally simple Matisse cutout style evokes an earthy, ecological vibe, enhancing the brand and remaining adaptable across various marketing materials.


By employing a unified style with distinct colour palette variations to represent different sectors, the illustrations effectively unite Grow Together's various business interests.

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