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Opal Education

Bridging the gap

Design Direction, Design, Identity Design, Brand Development,   Print Collateral,  Illustration, Artwork, Web UX Strategy,  Motion Design.

Opal Education are a specialist 'school support' tutoring service for children that are disadvantaged and for those with special needs. They offer tailored tutoring sessions to 'Bridge the gap' in education for those children that need extra and often one to one tuition. This includes basic numeracy and literacy packages, with all tutors trained in specific areas such as supporting children with Dyslexia, ESOL, ADHD, and SEN packages like colourful semantics.

To provide schools and pupils with subsidised  teaching packages, Opal Education applied for funding through an NTP Tuition Partnership. To secure this funding, they needed to demonstrate the quality and scalability of their teaching programme. In preparation for this assessment, we enhanced their visual profile and developed UX proposal for a Specialised Tutoring and Resource Portal for participating schools and teachers, designed to accommodate increased demand.

Circle of Excellence

The Opal Education icon was created to visually represent the teaching organisations values of Inclusivity, Unity, Compassion and Excellence.


  • Inclusive - Cater for Individual needs with bespoke tuition.

  • Unifying - Provide a feeling of community.

  • Compassionate - Care for the disadvantaged.

  • Excellence - A rounded educational experience, with exceptional teaching.

With the additional  symbolism:

  • Distinctive - Differentiate from the competition; Unique.

  • Bright & Fun - Pupils and Schools associate with brand.

Shades of Brilliance

The Opal gemstone, renowned for its dazzling array of colours spanning the entire spectrum from deep blues to vibrant oranges and pinks, serves as the inspiration for the vibrant Opal Education colour palette.

Chosen to be visually striking, versatile, and fun, to appeal to both the schools and the pupils that would use the service, the colours play a central role in the branding. From decorative illustrations to instructional photography and educational literature, the colour palette was integrated into every aspect of Opal Education's visual identity, reflecting the quality, versatility, and enjoyable educational experience they provide.

Total support

With a focus on specialised training, Opal Education equips its tutors to support children with diverse needs, utilising specific SEN packages like colourful semantics, while also ensuring stringent safeguarding measures and rigorous impact monitoring. They prioritise close collaboration between teachers and tutors, recognising the importance of robust communication channels between school staff and tutoring professionals. By addressing these gaps in mainstream school services, Opal Education aims to deliver added value and make a meaningful impact in the educational landscape.

Central hub

To apply for funding and provide room for the seamless expansion of the organisation, we designed an educational portal.

The portal showcased how the teaching programme supported the Opal tutors from organising lessons on to dealing with the subsequent administration, while also providing participating schools with access to the tutoring facility, ability to liaise with Opal tutors and track the progress of their pupils.


Accompanying the portal design was a detailed overview proposal, providing evidence that the Opal Educational platform would remain adaptable to any evolving needs.

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