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Eight Seasons

Giving your body
what it needs to thrive

Brand Development,  Web Design, UI Design.

As the push to address climate change gains momentum, an increasing number of people are turning to plant-based diets. Eight Seasons is a pioneering digital platform that offers plant-based recipe boxes and transformational diet plans to the UK market. Delivering Farm fresh produce from carefully selected local growers,  along with personalised recipes, motivational content and support, Eight Seasons caters to the needs of this expanding community dedicated to both a healthier lifestyle and environmental stewardship.

Collaborating with Applied Consultants, a team of ecommerce development and user experience (UX) specialists, I designed the user interface (UI) for the Eight Seasons website across all breakpoints, primed for development using Bootstrap.

The site operated on a subscription model, offering three purchase options. The primary offering was a subscription-based vegan meal plan service, complemented by an organic vegetable box delivery service and an affiliate health and healing plan tailored to women’s health, featuring transformative meal plans by Marlene Watson-Tara, a renowned Microbiotics Consultant.

The visual design of the site was produced to resonate with this affluent audience, aligning the look and feel with the content and overarching concepts.

Despite the complexity of its structure, the UX was designed to provide users with a simple, intuitive experience, guiding them effortlessly through the purchase process. The site's extensive backend, including a subscription account section, was all designed to maintain consistency with the overall styling of the site's upper-level pages.

Beautiful food
on your table

While pre-existing lifestyle product shots and recipe photography were provided by the client, I curated and introduced additional images throughout the site to emphasise the vivid colours and textures of the produce, to give the brand personality and highlight the natural beauty of the fruit and vegetables and artistry of cooking with plant based products.

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